Soothing the beast

Remember the horse and rider? The horse is your physical body, the rider is your conscious mind. The reins are the emotions and feelings, the heart that joins horse to rider and vice versa.

Yesterday I went to the dental hygienist to have my teeth scraped (they call it cleaning, but to me it is teeth scraping). I don’t mind having my teeth cleaned (this is the rider talking) but my body (the horse) hates the dental office, mainly due to past not so nice experiences. Though my horse has been trained to behave, it really is a stressful experience.

Add to this a new unknown, which was a new hygienist, and my horse was ready to bolt. However, I need not have worried since the new hygienist turned out to be a wonderfully sensitive horse-whisperer who managed to calm the beast and make the whole experience one of the nicest I’ve ever had.

So here’s the lesson … listen to your horse, but also find ways to calm and soothe your animal when there are unpleasant things that you have to do to it. Fear is a powerful emotion, and fear related to past trauma is especially powerful. One of the things that the new hygienist did was talk the animal back into the present by suggesting that this was the first time he had ever been to have his teeth cleaned. As silly as that might sound, it worked.

In a couple of weeks I am due to have two teeth removed. I’ll let you know how the animal copes.

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