Sponge Bob

Late summer is the time of the Earth element, which is associated with the spleen, pancreas and stomach. If life was normal we would be having late summer barbecues, going to concerts, visiting friends and generally socializing. It is the time of harvest and of preparation for the coming of autumn and winter. It is… Continue reading Sponge Bob

Naked Lunch

I recently read a biography of William Burroughs, the author of Naked Lunch, published in 1959. After finishing the biography I decided to have a look at the book. It caused quite a stir when it was published because it described drug addiction from the point of view of the user, without any moral overlay.… Continue reading Naked Lunch

2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Extreme Magnification – Patrick Watson

If any of you are interested in looking at some of the subtle influences associated with the pandemic, have a look at this astrological interpretation. I was particularly struck by this statement:

In theory, we know that Jupiter in astrology is the expansive planet of wisdom and knowledge, big picture thinking and the broadening of horizons. Pluto is a planet of extremes. The late great astrologer Alan White used to say that “Pluto makes big things small and small things big“, which is the essence of what an extreme is. Microscopes magnify extremely small things, and telescopes magnify extremely distant things. Appropriately, the times of major Jupiter-Pluto aspects have coincided with times when the vistas of discovery extended to impossibly small and impossibly large scales, and are often brought about by people who themselves were born at significant axes of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

Impossibly small (virus) and impossibly large (world economic system) … also take note that Bill Gates has a significant Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in his birth chart. (One of the richest people in the world seems to be obsessed with virology). Watch for him to be a big influence as this pandemic evolves.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, this is a very interesting read.

via 2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Extreme Magnification – Patrick Watson

Meditation 2

If by some miracle you have actually tried sitting quietly for 30 minutes while watching your breath, you will have realized how difficult it is to quiet your mind. You may also have realized that your mental agitation is associated with a certain amount of physical tension. You have to train your horse (body) to… Continue reading Meditation 2


The longer this pandemic goes on the more opportunities arise for personal development. I’m sure by now you have observed how much time you normally spend shopping, socializing, driving around, and generally moving about. Without these distractions you may be feeling uneasy, frustrated and emotional, especially if you keep listening to the Covid broadcasts non-stop.… Continue reading Meditation


Continuing my discussion of the elemental aspects of health that relates to our present situation I would like to tell you about the Earth element. First of all, when I say element I am not talking about the periodic table, nor the four elements of western metaphor, what I am talking about are the five… Continue reading Anxiety