Challenging Situation Gong

Sau Gong x 3.

1. 8 Guo Lin walks in bagua shape, starting left stepping out with the right foot. Left hand laogong (pericardium 4) towards Dantian (central vessel 6) right hand laogong to huantiao (gall bladder 30).

Pericardium 4: Laogong, Labor Palace, Clears Heart Heat, calms the Shen.

Central vessel 6: dantian, Qihai, Sea of Qi, Strengthens Kidney Qi and Yang, regulates Qi, benefits Original Qi, treats prolapse.

Gall Bladder 30: Huantiao, Jumping Round, Activates the meridian and removes obstructions, benefits the hips and legs, resolves Wind-Damp, relieves pain.

2. Step to the right side and move the arms as if grabbing something. As you step back to center, bringing your feet together, make two fists and pull downward to the Dantian. Repeat to the left. 8 repetitions.

3. Flutter hands and left both arms over the head and down towards the side. When the arms are horizontal at shoulder height, make two fists and pull forcefully inwards, bending the knees. Do this 4 times.

4. In four counts of eight, walk an outward, clockwise spiral, from small circle to large.

5. In four counts of eight, walk an inward, anti-clockwise spiral, from large circle to small.

Sau Gong x 3.

(It may help to imagine the two sides of the problem to your right and left, so that you are standing between them, moving around them and pulling them together as you mix the opposing energies.)