Water over Water

It’s been raining for a couple of days and will continue to rain for a couple of days more. BC is beneath another atmospheric river, not quite as bad as the one that hit last week, destroying roads and flooding towns, but troublesome nevertheless.

So it seemed logical to double up on the gua for today — thus, water over water, or hexagram 29, The Abyss.

The following is quoted from Jack Balkan’s “The Laws of Change”.

“The trigram Kan (water) features a yang line between two yin lines. The yin lines symbolize a deep and dark ravine; the yang symbolizes the water that flows through it. Hence, Xi Kan means both danger and abyss. When water rushes through a narrow passage, it is quite powerful and therefore dangerous. Water doubled means repeated danger, like a series of rapids that one must plunge into again and again.”

“However, water also symbolizes emotion and, more generally, a person’s heart and soul. The connection between these two ideas — danger and the soul — suggests the hexagram’s central theme: When faced with danger from without, one can escape unharmed if one maintains an attitude of devotion. To survive through a period of danger, one must preserve faith in one’s self and in the possibility that one will get through. The Book of Changes teaches that even in the times of greatest distress one must never lose hope that one can still turn circumstances to one’s advantage. One must have faith of ultimate success because it is only through having such faith that one can have a chance of ultimate success. To despair is to fall into the abyss. The abyss is symbolized in the hexagram is thus both a physical danger and an emotional state. Thus, one must follow one’s heart to ride out a time of danger. To lose heart during such a time means that one does not hold one’s self together. This leads to disaster.”

A pretty accurate description of events, not only related to the weather but also to the repeated ‘danger’ of the ever mutating virus that the media and our politicians bring up daily to make sure we are all kept in a state of fear. (… a series of rapids that one must plunge into again and again). How many shots are now required? Two, three, four?

The advice from the Book of Changes is clear. Preserve faith in yourself. You do this by paying attention to how you feel right now in this present moment, and by ignoring the media clamour that is designed to put your mind into a whirl. Do not fall into the abyss of fear. The facts are this: the virus, in all its variations is no more lethal than the average seasonal flu. This has been proven by government approved sources throughout the world. The greater danger is the divisiveness that has been fomented by politicians to pit us against each other, so as to distract us from what is really going on.

But more dangerous than forces from without, is the inner division that comes from an unsettled heart. Whatever your views on vaccination, you have the right to your own body sovereignty and no-one, absolutely no-one has the right to force you to have a medical procedure without your informed consent. Remain grounded, stay in the present moment and ignore the howling. You have a greater than 99% chance of surviving, which to me sound like great odds.

If you notice yourself worrying, here’s a little technique that will help you pull the energy out of your head and into the lower dan tian. If you are sitting down, wiggle your toes, or if you are walking, pay attention to the weight on each foot as it strikes the ground. Take several deep breaths, expanding your belly and ask yourself, “What if I was happy and relaxed?” Continue to pay attention to your feet and go about the day without worry. If there is nothing threatening you right now, then there is nothing you need to worry about.


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