This morning our qigong practice began with an unusual stillness in the park. Normally there are sounds; dogs barking, traffic noises, ravens cawing and so on, but this morning it was very quiet and still. As we began our Wild Goose form a woodpecker started making quite a racket, moving around us, perching on the trees to the back and to the side of the park where we practice.

From this I made the following assumptions: that the bottom gua would be Mountain (stillness) and the upper gua would be Wind (birds fly, and their calls are carried by the wind).

This gives us hexagram 53, Gradualness.

One paragraph in the commentary stood out for me (from The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, by Ni Hua Ching) …

“The meaning of this hexagram is further illustrated by the gradual step-by-step process of geese migrating to distant lands. Each line of the hexagram represents a different resting place in their long journey. In cold weather they fly southward; in Summer they go northward. Geese symbolize stability as they unerringly follow the rhythm of the seasons. They also display order in the formations in which they fly and faithfulness in their mating habits. When one dies, the other never chooses another mate.”

In relation to the greater situation that we find ourselves in, I think this hexagram has a lot to offer. It is a gradual process, our collective return to health, and we would do well to remember that there may be many set backs along the way.

The important thing about Gradualness is that it also describes a relationship between a man and woman as a gradual and unfolding process. You can also interpret this to describe how a relationship between opposites might develop.

So if you find yourself in a polarized situation, try to remember that you are involved in a gradual process that will take time to reach its final destination. Wind above means movement, Mountain below means stillness. The two are compatible because they compliment each other.

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