Heaven over Water

On Friday we went to the labyrinth in Sechelt to do our regular Guo Lin walking practice. A man was washing down the surface to remove something they had put down last week to kill the moss, so we had to wait about 30 minutes for him to finish before we could begin. It seemed obvious that water would be the first gua, and because the day was clear and pleasant I thought that heaven would make the second.

Heaven over Water gives us Hexagram 6 — Dispute (Litigation).

The commentary seems most appropriate, given the situation with Covid and the many arguments on all sides that are continually revolving around restrictions, vaccinations and so on.

Think of these words the next time you enter into a conversation related to your view of the situation, especially if it is polarized (as in ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’).

Keep to the facts. One should restrain emotion and not over-react to the situation in order not to aggravate the trouble. Endless dispute is harmful.

This is a situation in which each side has great difficulty earning the trust of the other, even though both might be sincere and righteous. One should, therefor be especially truthful in such circumstances.

Trying to convince others with one’s strength is foolish and destructive; such actions only provoke more difficulty.

Because Heavenly energy naturally ascends and water naturally descends, this hexagram is an expression of diverging energies. Since there is no beneficial communication between the upper and lower trigrams disharmony and dispute are indicated. On a personal level this situation implies an uneasiness between body and mind.

So try to remember the next time your jaw clenches in anticipation of you giving someone a ‘piece of your mind’ that your truth may not be the ultimate truth. You may be the water to your friend’s heaven.

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