Wind over Heaven

Rather than throwing coins or counting yarrow stalks, the I Ching can be interpreted on a daily, or even hourly basis by combining any two of eight possible situations to create a hexagram of six lines.

The first gua (or situation) is what immediately attracts your attention. Our little group of intrepid qigong practitioners in the park this morning were beneath a beautiful sunny blue sky — a heavenly situation. So this (heaven) becomes the bottom trigram.

As we held our standing posture we were treated to a symphony of wind in the trees, so the second gua (wind) becomes the upper trigram.

Putting the two together (wind over heaven) gives us hexagram 9: Small Accumulation or Restraint.

In relation to the Covid situation, the advice given seems particularly appropriate …

I am quoting this from a version of the I Ching sent to me by Teresa…

“It is as if your strong impulses, good intentions, and serious plans were held in check by some unknown external detail. With some frustration, you can see all of the necessary elements in the attainment of your goals, yet nothing fits together the way it must. In every way you try, you are restrained from taking significant action.”

“You may now only exercise the most brief and gentle of influences over others. The powers of the status quo are formidable and not to be tampered with. Use the forces of friendly persuasion to maintain what influence you have and to keep the situation from running away without you. Quell any impulses to take aggressive measures.”

Next time you feel frustrated by the increasing number of Covid regulations, try to remember the above…

“However, rather than anguishing over these conflicts, your time would be best spent in improving your image. Exercise restraint over your opinions and belief systems and put your energies into your effect upon others.”

Returning to the actual situation, I would like to add that the combination of wind and sunlight was very invigorating; so taking this as a clue I think that despite the curtailing of our freedoms this is actually a most opportune time for personal development.

Keep practicing!

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