Meditation 2

If by some miracle you have actually tried sitting quietly for 30 minutes while watching your breath, you will have realized how difficult it is to quiet your mind. You may also have realized that your mental agitation is associated with a certain amount of physical tension. You have to train your horse (body) to… Continue reading Meditation 2


The longer this pandemic goes on the more opportunities arise for personal development. I’m sure by now you have observed how much time you normally spend shopping, socializing, driving around, and generally moving about. Without these distractions you may be feeling uneasy, frustrated and emotional, especially if you keep listening to the Covid broadcasts non-stop.… Continue reading Meditation


Continuing my discussion of the elemental aspects of health that relates to our present situation I would like to tell you about the Earth element. First of all, when I say element I am not talking about the periodic table, nor the four elements of western metaphor, what I am talking about are the five… Continue reading Anxiety