Winter Water

Winter (the time between the winter solstice and the spring equinox) is associated with the water element and the kidneys and bladder meridians. In the Northern hemisphere it is a time of long nights gradually lengthening to the point where the day and night are equal.  The kidneys, when healthy, provide tremendous vital energy to… Continue reading Winter Water

Transform Qi

I have a wonderful book titled The Healing Promise of Qi, by Roger Jahnke. Chapter 8 of the book begins with this quotation … Our health is derived from the Yang Of the prenatal inner world, Constantly accumulated and refined over time. Through this cultivation we are transformed To reflect our eternal nature. Master Shang… Continue reading Transform Qi


The 59th hexagram is called Dispersion, and depicts the situation of Wind over Water. I chose this for today because we managed to do our outdoor practice despite a tremendous amount of rain over the past couple of days and an 80% forecast this morning for more rain (which fortunately did not come to pass).… Continue reading Dispersion

Gua for today

At the end of our qigong practice at Cliff Gilker Park today, instead of all of us maintaining a silent posture, about half the group (three of six) kept talking. The combination of two trigrams immediately came to mind. Lake over Heaven. Heaven was the foundation, represented by the fine, clear sunny conditions, and Lake… Continue reading Gua for today