We are in the metal time of the year (from the beginning of autumn to the beginning of winter), which in the northern hemisphere means cooling temperatures, shorter days and falling leaves. Metal is the element associated with the lungs and large intestine. The tiger is the animal of metal and there are movements associated… Continue reading Metal

Qigong outside

In an hour I will be meeting with a group of friends to practice Wild Goose and Swimming Dragon qigong. Practicing qigong outside is much more beneficial than practicing indoors, and it has the added benefit of connecting you directly with nature. The only thing that prevents us from practicing outside is rain. Getting wet… Continue reading Qigong outside

Time is Art

Benjamin Franklin coined the term ‘time is money’ way back in the 1700s, and his Protestant meme seems to have stayed with us ever since, to the point that it has become an unchallenged truism from the moment we step foot in school until we are spit out the other end in so-called retirement. Children… Continue reading Time is Art

At the hospital

In Vancouver today, for a checkup appointment with the surgeon who removed an overactive parathyroid gland from my wife’s throat two weeks ago. The operation appears to have achieved its objective, in that Nicky’s calcium and parathyroid hormone levels are now back to normal, so all that is left is making sure the incision has… Continue reading At the hospital


I’ve been binge watching videos of Pentatonix on YouTube ever since I saw a documentary about them two days ago. I think they must be a group of reincarnated Gregorian monks who decided to come together in our time to bring us joy. Not that their music is churchy or pompous in any way –… Continue reading Pentatonix