Qigong dancing

Just as the shape of a flute alters the sound of the breath blowing through it, so does a qigong form alter the energy that moves through the body. When you turn yourself over to the greater awareness and wisdom of the movements and allow them to subtly modulate your body/mind you become an instrument… Continue reading Qigong dancing


We are fast approaching the Metal time of the year, the autumn equinox being the exact day we transition from late summer (Earth element) to Metal. Late summer is associated with a kind of well-being that transcends the fiery frantic dashing about that is early summer and the Fire element. Look at late summer as… Continue reading Metal

Absorbing Qi

Perfect conditions at the park today. Quiet, no dogs or joggers to ruin the peacefulness of the morning. Sun and cloud, pleasant temperature, good companions. Which reminded me of the importance of taking the time to appreciate and absorb high quality Qi when provided for free by nature. Qigong exercises are designed to open the… Continue reading Absorbing Qi